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10 Signs Your Digital Marketing Plan Is Ineffective by Top Digital Marketing Agency Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Digital Marketing Plan Strategy

In my previous post, I talked about the best practices for digital marketing. Now I'd like to address the common mistakes made in online marketing campaigns, and how you should avoid them...

Throughout my research, I found many common mistakes that were highlighted by industry experts. Some easier to avoid than others, but nonetheless, here are the most frequent signs that your digital marketing plan is wrong or ineffective:

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  1. Not Offering Promotions or Discounts You need to offer discounts and promotions to encourage buying and get people to your doors and website. Offering discounts will increase traffic to your store and web page. Promotions can usually help increase your sales, as well. Offering a discount doesn’t mean that your customers won’t purchase items listed at full price. Sure, they make pick up a few things at a discounted rate. But if something else catches their eye, they may even be more willing to purchase it because they got a deal on the items on sale. Reward your customers. These serve as a relationship-building tool like how Apple locks in their customers with iTunes. Discounts are a great way for you to acquire new customers and retain your current clientele. This creates customer loyalty. And you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors if you start offering coupons to their customers.

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2. Weak Online Presence Some people also make the mistake of focusing too much on one avenue e.g. Email Marketing and neglect other platforms to reach out to your audience. Remember to leverage the advantages of digital marketing such as the ability to engage with your audience as well as to appear where your consumer's attention is (Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram) The key thing to remember here is "You want to appear where your potentials client's attention is at"

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3. Weak content Many businesses have the misconception that they should charge the customer based on the amount of effort they have put in for that particular project. A good example is the man-hour rate for web programming. Whereas we prioritize the value we bring to the client and our fees are a reflection of the problems we solve for them. Strong content is only part of the puzzle, but an important ingredient in building a strong brand and establishing a stronger online presence. Having strong content means putting out useful information that is relevant to today's consumers. This information should be as accurate as possible citing reputable articles to back up the source of the information. This way, your brand will be credible and clients would generate organic interests. Weak content on the other hand would increase your bounce rate on your website. This means that although people will click on the link, once they realized that the content is too shallow or irrelevant, they will click out. This sends a message to Google that your website is not good and therefore lower your domain authority.

Digital Marketing Target Audience

4. Broad Target Audience Marketing is all about your Return-On-Investment (ROI). The amount of marketing dollars you've spent has to make sense by having more sales revenue in return. With online marketing, it's more so the case where every dollar counts and your objective as a digital marketing strategist is to stretch every dollar to it's potential. Not only to maximize impressions but to increase conversions. To do that, we have an array of marketing apps and tools to help us. Most importantly, you need a solid strategy, clear message, and audience. So it's our duty to identify and narrow down our target audience. The broader or more generic our target audience is, the more our marketing dollars will be diluted.

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5. Missed Opportunities Take advantage of the current affairs and ride on the bandwagon of trending topics. Hashtags (#) are a great way to access these trending topics and it is important to keep your audience relevant to your business model. A great example that speaks for itself is the IKEA bus stop bench incident. You can read all about it in detail here.

It's important to note that these trending topics have a chance of growing viral but also the heat will die off quickly. So act fast for the best results...

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6. Weak Call-To-Action (CTA) CTAs are crucial in converting your clients. Say you have piqued the interest of a viewer, he or she is keen on inquiring about your product or services. You want to make the process as simple and easy as possible so as to remove the barriers for these potential clients to enquire. The easier it is for them to enquire, the more inquiries you will have.

Having strong CTAs is one thing. Placing them in strategic locations is another. According to this article which shows the heatmap of every website, the most commonly interactive spots on any website are the top right corner. As confirmed by Google, that's where you want to place your inquiry button or call button.

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7. Indecisive Message A clear message is paramount to a successful branding campaign. Do keep in mind that your customers may not see every single ad you put out, but they might see more than one. And in order for your ads to leave an impression, you have to be consistent. This is so that they can associate your brand with the message that you're broadcasting. These are some examples of you can create a consistent and clear brand messaging.

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8. Wrong Channel The purpose of marketing is to show your content to the right audience. For the same reason, you don't see a Ferrari Commercial in movies or Tvs - The people who can afford these cars are building business empires and investing for their future and not sitting on their couches watching Netflix.

This concept can be replicated in the sense that you should only appear on the channels your target audience is spending most of their time and attention at. For example, if you're targetting student's TikTok and Instagram are ideal platforms. For small business owners or middle-age professionals, Linkedin or Facebook would be better.

How To Create An Online Marketing Sales Funnel

9. Weak or No Sales Funnel In Place Create an online sales funnel where instead of spamming pop-ups like you're still living in the 1990s, learn more about your customers by filtering their interests through proper online sales funnel techniques. You will be surprised at what difference a sales funnel can do to your website or landing page.

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10. Repetitive Content With a plethora of information on the internet, it is near impossible not to plagiarize some information. However, do take note that your consumers will grow sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. This is different from your brand message, but rather the ways you express your brands.

Do you best to come up with creative content, an alternative is that you can give your own opinion on other good content and engage with the topic from another angle. This gives people an idea on where you stand on a certain issue so be sure to be certain about your comments or content writing position before taking your stand.


Improving on just one of these would significantly boost your digital marketing campaign performance. With that being said, my advice is not to focus too much on all these because it is also important to note that every marketing campaign has different goals, and there is more than one path to achieve said goals.

The key takeaway should be for you to keep improving your knowledge and reflect on new data to adjust your campaign specifically to suit your goals. What are some of the common issues you have faced, or are currently facing in your digital marketing campaign?

Drop a comment down below and we will address it!

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