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3 Things I've learned from running a Google SEO Agency in Singapore

Google SEO Agency Singapore
by Absolute Digital

Hi, my name is Igen and I'm the founder of Absolute Digital, a home-grown digital marketing agency that focuses on providing effective services to our clients in the shortest time possible. I use to work for the largest digital marketing and web design agencies and here's what I've learnt after starting my own agency.

The typical Singaporean Mindset of Fast, Cheap, and Good Quality. Because our services cannot be seen or touched in real life, it's very much based on the results you're getting. Most times, clients want to see the results immediately after they've made the investment to embark on a digital marketing campaign like Google SEO. However, there are tons of other competitors who want to appear on the first page of Google. And with only 10 spots, you need to have an optimised website and relevant content in order to compete. If you want to optimise your SEO listing, here's what I've learnt (and what you can apply now) to improve your website on Google: Google SEO Hacks 2021.

1. It takes time

Google SEO is defined by optimising your website to appear on Google's SERP listing based on the searched keywords. There are over 200 factors Google uses to determine which websites are the most relevant and provides the best information for its users so that the search engine platform is a pleasurable one to use, also known as UI/UX. Ranking on page 1 of Google takes time because individual care for these 200 factors takes time and effort to build. Backlinks and website domain authority are examples of how your website needs to gain credibility (in the eyes of Google) before you can be ranked.

2. Results are not guaranteed, here's why

To understand why we cannot guarantee your SEO ranking, we first have to take a look at how SEO works, and how Google determines which websites get the highest rankings for the relevant keywords. To rank on page 1 of Google in 2021, you first need to build credibility and relevancy on your website. This includes uploading quality content, building backlinks, as well as increasing your website's Domain Authority (DA). By following this step-by-step SEO guide, your website is sure to rank higher on Google's search results page. However, with so many websites trying to be on page 1, this method does not guarantee the success of SEO. Especially since Google is constantly updating its algorithm, Google ranking tends to fluctuate and nobody can guarantee page 1 ranking unless you're Google themself.

3. Why you should work with a Google SEO Agency

To rank on page 1 of Google, your SEO agency needs to understand how to rank on Google Search in 2021, and also how to adapt to the new Google algorithm updates in order for your website to consistently rank above your competitors. If you're just starting out, we'd recommend you check out this article on an easy 4-Step Guide on SEO today! Once you've mastered that, try these 3-Simple Steps To Improve Your SEO Ranking.

Now before you hire an SEO agency, do take note that the differences in the SEO agency's approach might benefit or harm your campaign. So do choose wisely. We've also written an article about the difference in SEO methodology which I'd recommend you read first before hiring an SEO agency to work with on your campaign.

Case Study 1: Prive Clinic SEO Campaign

Case Study 2: Asia Top Investigation SEO Campaign

If you're trying to optimize your website for Google SEO, we'd recommend reading this article first to get started: 3 Ways To Improve Your Google SEO Campaign Right Now! For more on SEO agency topics or SEO-related articles, you can read our SEO blogs here.

We don't just claim that we are the best, our awards speak for us:

SEO Agency Absolute Digital Awards

We sincerely hope you find these articles valuable to your business and if it has helped you in understanding how businesses marketing their brand online, please let us know in the comment section and leave us a like below. If you'd like to find read more articles just like this, you can check out our free resources page here.

Thank you for your time we hope you've enjoyed and found some value in this article we've written. To contact our SEO Agency, you may reach out to us by email at or call us at 6908 1919 | 9662 1919.

SEO Agency Absolute Digital

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