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5 Easy tips to improve your Facebook ad creative for the holidays

5 Easy tips to improve your Facebook ad creative for the holidays
by Absolute Digital

Try these key creative tips from Meta's 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide

Great holiday campaigns start with a creative that stands out. Now is the time to start taking your images and videos to use in your holiday campaigns.

Here are a few of Meta’s best recommendations for stand-out holiday creative


Put your product or service front and center.

Try positioning your product as a gift and create contrast with a festive background.


Showcase how to use your product or service.

Build holiday shoppers’ trust and add a human touch by showing how real people use your product or service.


Create mobile-friendly photos and videos.

Take vertical photos and videos to engage holiday shoppers. Keep videos under 15 seconds long and capture attention in the first 3 seconds.


Keep headlines and text concise and clear.

Try to create a sense of urgency with a special holiday discount or a limited-time offer, like free shipping.


Give shoppers a clear next step. Encourage holiday shoppers to take the action you want by adding a clear call-to-action button.

Holiday Facebook marketing tips for seasonal success

Holiday Facebook marketing tips for seasonal success

  • Update your content and business info Create a distinct look for your holiday marketing campaign, and keep it consistent all season. Giving your ads and website a seasonal touch will make them more appealing for the holidays. Shoppers will want to learn more about your business (e.g. pick-up availability, opening hours, mail-in return policies, etc.). Now is a great time to review and polish your Facebook Page profile!

  • Set up for success Ensure your website has the Meta Pixel installed, and if you are driving customers to your mobile app, ensure to install the app SDK, to build an audience based on the website traffic your campaign drives. Set up Conversions API alongside Meta Pixel. Using these together, you can create a more reliable data connection which can help you show your ads to people that find them relevant and decrease your cost per result.

  • Creating a visual holiday theme Be consistent throughout the entire season. A consistent theme can help create recognition for customers and keep your brand top of mind. Run a mix of video and images. Test both ad formats to determine which type of ads the people in your audience respond to through automatic optimizations. Consider creating your ads using formats like video, carousel, slideshow, or Instant Experiences to draw attention to your brand and products. Your ads should be noticeable and have an emotionally resonant message for your audience.

  • Give your ads a holiday special Create gift guides: Position products or services as gifts by using different personas in posts and ads. For example, share different gift ideas for family and friends. Share gifts in every price range: To appeal to any audience, showcase a variety of price ranges, discounts, and special offers. Add a festive flair: Try adding a seasonal background, sticker, or emoji to posts and stories. Use .gifs in stories to add extra holiday spirit. Use products to create holiday-themed visuals: Show your products as presents. Consider making a gift unboxing video using Stop Motion or Hyperlapse. You can also create a photo version just by placing your product in an open gift box. Plan a holiday event: Whether it's a sale or a cyber-party, a holiday event can be a great way to connect with people in the real world and inspire them to visit your business online. Be resourceful: Visit Mobile Studio for easy-to-follow guidelines and creative app recommendations to try some holiday ideas. It’s amazing how professional your posts and ads can look just by using your mobile phone. Interact with your audience: Experiment with interactive stickers in Reels to keep viewers engaged. For example, use the poll sticker to ask your audience to weigh in on which product to launch next, or in what city they'd like to see your next event.

  • Leverage on mobile users A fast and easy path to purchase can enable businesses to maximize spontaneous purchases. You can access this growing market through local awareness ads and other location-targeting campaigns and explore Facebook and Instagram mobile advertising insights to learn how your ads can be optimized.

  • Use video creatives to capture the attention Use Reels to make short videos that entertain your fans and help introduce your content to new audiences. 40% of holiday shoppers surveyed found online videos helpful to find gift inspiration. Whether you choose to create on Facebook or on Instagram, Reels is a great place to grow your business.

  • Showcase your products with a catalogue Advantage+ catalogue ads promote relevant products from your catalogue on Facebook to people who've browsed your website or app. After you upload the catalogue to Facebook, you can add the Meta Pixel and App Events to your catalogue to understand how people view and purchase your products.

  • Drive traffic to your e-commerce store Boost curbside pick-ups with local awareness ads that educate your customers about your physical business location(s). Local awareness ads target people near your business location, so people living in or visiting that area are eligible to see them. If you have multiple store locations, consider using Facebook locations and leverage them all to power local pages and awareness ads. Use engaging call-to-action buttons like, "Get Directions" or "Call Now" so customers can connect with you easily.

  • Connect with customers using Messenger Make it easier for customers to chat with your business and create meaningful connections that can help your business grow. *1 in 4 holiday shoppers surveyed messaged a business via instant messaging this past holiday season.1 With ads that click to message, you can connect with people on the Meta technologies they use, when and how they want. This is also a great way to re-engage past customers and answer questions for new and engaged customers.

How to get started with Facebook Ads?

How to get started with Facebook Ads?

For the full Facebook ads creative holiday guide, click here.

Get started with Facebook ads with Absolute Digital here.

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