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5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Successful

Absolute Digital 5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Successful
by Absolute Digital

It's probably safe to assume a major part of your marketing strategy today is digital. Consumers and businesses alike are almost always online and on-the-go — and you want to be able to reach them and observe their behaviour where they spend their time.

But when you're growing a business, it may seem as though this ever-changing digital landscape can quickly become an overwhelming one. With a number of other responsibilities and tasks that need to get done, how do you know if your digital marketing strategy is relevant, effective, and agile?

We've written this guide about the top 5 signs you should recognise that your digital marketing strategies are effective and we believe this will help you improve your digital presence and grow your business.

1. Setting the Trend

If you're running a successful digital marketing campaign(s), then you can be sure that your competitors are following in your footsteps. Most of the time, digital marketing strategies are recycled and refreshed every now and then. As consumer demand shifts, so will your online marketing strategy. That's why it's important to run the numbers of your ads to make sure they're performing well, and change them if they need to be improved.

Most competitors are also fighting for the same target audience, and therefore same ad space online. So you can be sure that your competitors are monitoring your moves and strategies so that if they find it effective as well, they will copy and implement the same strategies for their own business.

2. Find a Goal

Digital Marketing Plans takes time to accomplish. You might have a good run of campaign results but the truth is, you're fighting a war and winning a battle isn't cause for celebration. While having good performing ads is a good thing, you need to implement a cohesive strategy that encompasses the fundamental principles of the digital marketing sales funnel.

Before you begin any digital marketing campaigns, whether is it Google SEO, SEM, GDN, Facebook Marketing, or others, you need to find an end goal or objective. It could be setting an ideal number of leads, or website visitors. Keep in mind that whatever you do to tweak and improve your campaign is to achieve this goal, and you'll be on track.

3. High Engagement Rate

If your digital marketing strategy is successful, you'll start to also see more engagement on your digital platforms. No, I'm not talking about clicks, leads, website traffic or even ROI. I'm talking about the likes and shares you get on your social media platforms, the comments that you get on your blog posts, and the shares you get on your Youtube videos.

Although this is not the main objective of your digital marketing strategy, and you shouldn't aim for this, this sort of genuine engagement from viewers is a strong signal that your content is being appreciated by the right target audience. This, in turn, means that you've put out great content and also targeted the right audience.

4. Refreshed Content

Although we did mention that digital marketing strategies are often recycled and refreshed, this does not mean that your content should. Take for example this title for a blog post "3 ways to improve your web design". This content cannot be recycled, but the title can.

in 2015, the tips to help improve your web design might be vastly different from that of 2020. Consumers experience might change, and so should your UI/UX design. Staying relevant will help gain your more impressions, and more opportunities to convert these impressions into a sale. You can refresh the article and include an updated version such as a title like "3 easy ways to improve your website in 2020".

5. Shared Content

Another sign that your campaigns are performing well is that you find your content (or snippets of it" being shared on other platforms, or target audiences. The most commonly known term for this is "going viral". Even if you do not go viral on the internet like Psy's music video, having your content shared by viewers significantly increases your reach and potential to new markets.

You should always aim to make your content as relevant to the times, as well as to as many people (your target audience) as possible to increases the chances of it going viral. This means instead of posting something like "10 healthy food for boys" you should write something like "Top 10 Health Foods".

Absolute Digital 5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Successful

We sincerely hope you find these articles valuable to your business and if it has helped you in understanding how businesses marketing their brand online, please let us know in the comment section and leave us a like below. If you'd like to find read more articles just like this, you can check out our free resources page here.

Thank you for your time we hope you've enjoyed this article. To contact a top digital marketing expert, you may reach out to us at or +65 9662 1919.

Absolute Digital 5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Successful

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