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5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp
by Absolute Digital

Your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign. As such, there are numerous reasons why you should redesign your website in 2019. Ideally, you should do a full redesign of your website every two to three years to stay modern. However, if your website is not performing in terms of traffic or conversion it is time to re-evaluate and make some updates in order to capture your user’s attention and turn them into customers.

In this post, we’ll cover five reasons you should revamp your web design. We’ll also cover the benefits you’ll see when you implement these strategies. Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve your website design.

1. Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Having a mobile responsive website is a key factor in attracting and maintaining user traffic. Additionally, a mobile responsive web design matters when you rank on Google's SERP such as SEO. Aside from its SEO benefits, mobile responsive features allow your users to better experience your site's navigation and an overall better UI/UX design.

2. Your Web Design Is Lacking One Or More Of These Features

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Keeping your website updated and on par with your competition is crucial. Some of these key features will set you apart from your competitors and if you're missing these, it's time to upgrade your website:

  1. SSL Hosting

  2. Live Chat

  3. Landing Page

  4. Google Remarketing

  5. Facebook Pixel

  6. Google Analytics

3. Your Website Is Using Old/Outdated Programming/Codes

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Other than the front-end design of your website, the programming or coding has to be updated to keep your website protected from possible malware or viruses. In some cases, these hacking of websites does not target specific individuals but instead are run by hackers who target mass websites with low or no security. If your website happens to be one of them, you might compromise your data online, and possibly even your client's sensitive data.

Here are some of the Content Management Systems (CMS) and programming language we'd recommend:

Business Sites: WordPress, WIX.

E-Commerce: Magento, Shopify.

4. Your Website Is Blacklisted On Google (Or Other SERPs)

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Getting blacklisted on Google is more common than you would think. If Google finds something suspicious, it blacklists the website from appearing in its SERP. As a result, this website loses all the traffic it receives through Google. Most sites rely on Google as their main traffic source, and if they are blacklisted from it, they can lose not only traffic but also customers and sales, leading to enormous losses for their company.

Every single day, Google blacklists approximately 10,000 websites.

If a website is blacklisted by Google, two things can happen:

  1. The website—and all of its webpages—are not shown in the Google search results until it has been removed from Google’s blacklist.

  2. Web browsers display a warning message encouraging visitors to not enter the website.

There are three main warnings Google shows on blacklisted websites:

1. This site contains malware

2. Deceptive Site Ahead

3. Using Black Hat SEO Techniques to Rank Your Site on Search Engines

5. Your Website Is More Than 5 Years Old

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

If your website is more than 5 years old, there's a good chance you're experiencing one of these issues which may harm your users:

  1. Poor site navigation

  2. You've updated your brand

  3. Low User Retention

  4. Website Loading Too Slow/Overloaded With Content

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

We sincerely hope you find these articles valuable to your business and if it has helped you in understanding how businesses marketing their brand online, please let us know in the comment section and leave us a like below. If you'd like to find read more articles just like this, you can check out our free resources page here.

Thank you for your time we hope you've enjoyed this article. To contact a top digital marketing expert, you may reach out to us at hello@absolutedigital.sg or +65 8829 1290.

Absolute Digital | 5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

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