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5 Things A Digital Marketing Agency Should Do For Their Clients

A digital marketing agency should help run, manage, and optimize campaigns on behalf of its clients. By leveraging on their experience, knowledge of these social media and advertising platforms, and resources, engaging a digital marketing agency should in turn help companies scale, and save time, resources, and money in the long run.

However, some digital marketing agencies have a track record of over-promising their clients or exaggerating their results. On the other hand, some clients expect agencies to perform 'magic' in terms of cost per result (spending little to no ads budget and expecting a lot). In this article, we take a look at the basics of what a digital marketing agency should be providing their clients and as a client, what should you expect when working with a digital marketing agency.

1. A Good Understanding

A good digital marketing agency should have an understanding of your industry and its competitors. This data would greatly benefit you, the client, by understanding how your competition advertises online, and what the current best practices used in digital marketing are that are specific to your industry.

Having this information is like having a roadmap to a successful campaign and is crucial for your agency and yourself to save time and resources for the best campaign results.

2. Basic Digital Marketing Knowledge

It goes without saying that knowing how to best use the various digital marketing platforms to reach your potential clients is a must. However, it can be easily confusing which platforms are most suitable for which businesses.

It takes experience from your agency to know where your targetted audience spent most of their time on (which platforms) and what kind of ad creatives attract the highest intention users which will then turn into converting sales for you.

3. Detailed Reporting

Besides campaign reporting such as Impressions share, Cost per result, Conversion rate, etc. your digital marketing agency should also provide you with detailed customized reporting on your campaign based on your specific objectives.

A detailed analysis report can sometimes be technical and complex. Thus, your agency should also help translate this information into something that you can understand and improve on based on your business.

4. Support Resources

A reliable digital marketing agency helped their clients throughout the campaign optimization process. This means a long-term good relationship between the agency and client is needed for a successful campaign.

When faced with any issues, make sure that your digital marketing agency has a dedicated accounts manager or support channel for you to contact to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly all the time.

5. Suggestions For Optimization

With all that data and resources spent trying to run a successful digital marketing campaign, an experienced digital marketing agency would also come in with value-added suggestions as to how you can get the best ROI when advertising online.

Successful case studies of similar industry clients can often help agencies better understand your specific industry as different industries have different ways of marketing online.

Why you should engage a digital marketing agency


For the best results, work with a digital marketing agency that you are most comfortable with, has a good understanding of how each platform works and which is the most suitable platform for your industry, and provides a reliable form of support and suggestions to improve your campaign.

We should not expect overnight success when running any online marketing campaigns but rather improve over time in order to get the best performance out of our digital marketing campaigns.

If you need any help with your digital marketing campaign or would simply like to ask our experts on any topic, do feel free to drop us an email here. Otherwise, you may like to read these other articles on digital marketing-related topics.

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