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6 Things your Digital Marketing Agency should be doing by Certified Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

by Absolute Digital

Finding the right Digital Marketing Agency can be tough. You might have tried marketing your brand on various online platforms, or are working with an agency right now, but not seeing ideal results. We've compiled a list of things a reliable digital marketing agency should be doing for your business, and here's what they are...

1. Customised Strategy

A professional digital marketing agency should not only understand how to market your business online and increase your digital presence but also have a strong understanding of your business and customers. This knowledge will help improve your digital marketing strategy and is an important factor when considering the potential growth of your business.

2. Lowering ROI

As a business owner, you might reconsider your strategy if it is too expensive. However, if you're working with the right digital marketing agency, your recommended ad budget should be within your comfortable budget as there is no minimum budget required for digital marketing.

Many agencies will try to expand your ad budget so they can earn more, and have more freedom to spend that ad budget. But the key to running an effective campaign is to work within your budget to get optimised results for your brand. The average cost of digital marketing should only be used as a guide, and your ad budget should be within your comfortable range.

3. Knowledge & Experience

Another reason why you should be working with your digital marketing agency in the first place is that you are able to tap onto their wealth of knowledge and experience when running your business's ad campaign. As consumer behaviour evolves and the landscape of digital marketing is changing, your digital marketing strategist should give suggestions on how you can leverage the best tools and platforms to achieve your campaign objectives.

4. Tools

Compared to an inexperienced freelancer or amateur, an experienced digital marketing agency should also be updated with the most updated and effective tools to run, monitor, and track your ad performance. Should your current digital marketing plan be ineffective, they should have suggestions on how you can improve your ROI, and use tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager to effectively measure your ad's performance.

Other tools such as Google Trends can predict the demand for your products and services, therefore creating a more accurate and realistic expectation when you decide to run your online marketing campaign, and how to better strategise an effective plan.

5. Feedback

An experienced digital marketing agency will also monitor your intangible assets such as customer satisfaction and other results that cannot be measured with numbers. This is where an online sales funnel comes into play.

Your digital marketing agency should create, implement, and improve your digital marketing sales funnel by understanding how your customers react, and what is effective to convert them into paying customers.

6. Guidance

Especially important for start-ups, your digital marketing agency should be able to guide you through the process of getting started with your digital marketing campaigns. With their experience, there are certain mistakes that can be avoided and sharing these with your business can save time, money, and effort.

Some tips and tricks on how to create an effective digital marketing strategy can spearhead your ad campaign and explode growth. On the contrary, working with an inexperienced digital marketing agency might result in slower growth, if any at all.

Work with a reliable digital marketing agency today!

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