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6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital
by Absolute Digital

To run your digital marketing campaign, a certified digital marketing agency will track your ad campaign's performance based on the number of impressions, reach, conversions, and several other qualitative analysis. To effectively suggestion improvements to increase your ROI form these ad campaigns, your digital marketing agency will have to understand how these numbers affect your overall campaign objectives and which part of the sales funnel to improve on, and how.

So it goes without saying that the accuracy of these numbers are important as they may lead you in the wrong direction entirely. Tracking your digital marketing campaigns requires the right knowledge, experience, and tools. Today, we will be sharing the top 6 tools you can use to accurately track your Google Ads campaign.

1. Google Analytics

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

Google Analytics is the most basic forms of ad performance indicators as you start your digital marketing journey with Google Ads. Google Analytics presents you with a ton of different free features that you can use to track, analyse, and improve your campaign with.

Of which, the key numbers you will need to track and analyse are:

- Campaign Measurement: Traffic

- Track your Goals: Website conversions & user activity

- Audience reports: Know your users

- Flow visualization: Follow every step

- Custom reports: Analytics data, made to order

2. Google Trends

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

Before even starting your Google Ad campaign, you would need to find out how big is your target audience and is there even a demand for your products or services on Google's SERP. To do that, you can use Google Trends, where they show you the number of searches based on Google Keywords analysis with data such as search frequency, location, and other key metrics you can use to strategise your ad campaigns with.

In short, it shows you what are the latest search trends on Google and how you can position your products or services to capture the attention of these viewers.

3. SEMrush

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

SEMrush is a great tool to organize and strategise your Google SEO campaign. Our favourite feature is the On-Page SEO Checker, which is a universal tool that enables you to pinpoint your website’s weaknesses. By taking data from different sources and comparing your page with the top 10 real-time organic competitors for each of your target keywords, the tool gathers the information needed and suggests ideas for how to improve your page’s rankings.

Some of the features which are helpful to your digital marketing ad campaigns are:

- Strategy ideas

- Backlink ideas

- Technical SEO ideas

- Semantic ideas

- Content ideas

- User experience ideas

- SERP Features Ideas

4. Google Campaign URL Builder

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

Google Analytic's Campaign URL Builder allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics. URL builders help generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs.

You can add parameters (such as utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign) to a URL to capture reporting data about the referring campaign. For example, the following link would allow you to identify the traffic to that came from a particular email newsletter, as part of a particular campaign:

You can create your URLs by hand or you can use a URL generator. There are three generators. Be sure to use the correct URL generator because the URLs to websites, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store are each a little different from each other.

  • the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder for generating URLs to websites

  • the Google Play URL Builder for generating URLs to apps on the Google Play Store

  • the iOS Campaign Tracking URL Builder for generating URLs to apps on the Apple App Store

5. Crazy Egg

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

Crazy Egg is a third party online tool that allows you to create visual reports and individual session recordings to get to know your website visitors – where they're coming from, where they're navigating to, and where they're getting stuck – so you can make design changes with confidence.

If you're running e-commerce, you can utilize Crazy Egg to create the perfect page with their A/B Testing Tool and make data-backed decisions that will impact your bottom line over time. With A/B Testing, know with certainty you picked the correct content placement, colour, image, or copy, so you can turn more visitors into customers.

6. Facebook Pixel Helper

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

Facebook Pixel Helper is a Google Chrome browser extension troubleshooting tool that helps you validate your pixel implementation. It works in the background to look for conversion or Facebook pixels and provide real-time feedback on the implementation. A small number will appear on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate the number of pixel events. When clicked, a panel will expand to show a detailed overview of the page's pixels, including warnings, errors and successes.

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

To better understand how you can track your ad campaign's performance, there are some other helpful articles here. Alternatively, you may reach out to Absolute Digital at or call us at +65 8892 1290 for more information.

6 Ways to Track Your Google Ads by Absolute Digital

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