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How to put my business onto Google Maps? by Top Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How to put my business onto Google Maps?

Ever tried using Google Maps and type in a company's name and it appears? Well, if you've ever done that you'll notice right off the bat how convenient it is! As a business owner, some of you would like this same convenience for your customers and here's how you can list your business on Google Maps!

Google calls it Google My Business Listing. This is a free tool offered to any business owners to create a profile within Google which is then integrated with Google SEO, Google SEM, as well as your Google Maps. Here's how a Google My Business profile will look like:

Within this profile, you are able to connect your website, contact details, address, as well as any other information useful for customers. This article summarises all you need to know about Google My Business and how to create a free profile. If you haven't read this article yet, we strongly suggest that you do before reading further.

How does this connect with Google Maps?

Because this is a business listing, if you link your office address, it will be connected to your profile (business name). As such, when someone tries to find your business on Google Maps, it will lead them to your Google My Business profile which connects to your address.

Other information found on your Google My Business includes:

  1. Company Name

  2. Company Address,

  3. Opening Hours (including special opening hours)

  4. Google Reviews

  5. Contact Number, Email

  6. Interior and Exterior photos (including videos)

  7. Any Business Updates (e.g. Covid19 change in business hours)

To create your free Google My Business listing profile, you need to "claim my business" as shown below:

Once you've confirmed your address, Google will send you a physical mail containing a verification code. Wait for the verification code (about 10 days) and verify that you own this business with Google, and that's it!

After you have claimed your business, you may go ahead to edit your profile. Your access should look like this:

Be sure to complete your full profile and fill it up with the most updated information as possible. You can still change your information along the way but a well-written profile will get you a stronger digital presence.

For information on how you can create a strong Google My Business profile, you should definitely check out this article. If you need help creating your own Google My Business profile, you can reach out to Absolute Digital at +65 8892 1290, email us at hello@absolutedigital.sg or read more helpful articles here.

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