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Google AdSense: Important Updates (December 2021)

Important: Google to send non-personalized ad requests to third party real-time bidding buyers

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EU user content controls and Restricted data processing (CCPA) settings in AdSense provide a variety of options for enabling non-personalized ads and restricted data processing ads configurations.

Starting on 20th January 2022, Google will start sending bid requests for non-personalized and restricted data processing ad requests to third-party bidders that participate in Google’s unified auction. To preserve user privacy, user identifiers will be dropped from the bid requests.

What does this rollout mean for your ad monetization?

Starting in January, your UI settings relating to CCPA and GDPR will apply to non-personalized and Restricted data processing bid requests to third party bidders. This means that when non-personalized ads or Restricted data processing is selected:

Bid requests will be sent to third party bidders, including for users in the EEA/UK, Brazil and CA, as determined by any applicable vendor selections in the AdSense account:

- For CA requests, you can select CCPA eligible bidders in your CCPA settings tab (Privacy & messaging > CCPA > Settings)

- For EEA and UK requests, you can select ad technology providers in your GDPR tab (Privacy & messaging > GDPR > Settings)

- For BR requests, bid requests will be sent to eligible LGPD bidders

- Individual ad requests tagged as RDP or NPA outside of the above regions will be sent to all bidders, subject to other protections.

Bid requests sent to third party bidders will be labeled with appropriate privacy signals and user identifiers will be removed

More information on AdSense non-personalized advertising settings can be found here. Please review your vendor selections.

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