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Guaranteed SEO ranking on Page 1 of Google? Real or Fake?

Absolute Digital Guaranteed SEO ranking on Page 1 of Google? Real or Fake?
by Absolute Digital

Recently, we have received some feedback from our clients that they would like a guarantee ranking on Google's Page 1 SERP for our SEO services. In today's article, we would like to discuss if any one person or digital marketing agency can guarantee your website's ranking on Google SEO.

In short, the answer is No, we do not guarantee any SEO rankings when optimising for your website.

To understand why we cannot guarantee your SEO ranking, we first have to take a look at how SEO works, and how Google determines which websites get the highest rankings for the relevant keywords. To rank on page 1 of Google in 2021, you first need to build credibility and relevancy on your website. This includes uploading quality content, building backlinks, as well as increasing your website's Domain Authority (DA). By following this step-by-step SEO guide, your website is sure to rank higher on Google's search results page. However, with so many websites trying to be on page 1, this method does not guarantee the success of SEO. Especially since Google is constantly updating its algorithm, Google ranking tends to fluctuate and nobody can guarantee page 1 ranking unless you're Google themself.

Those agencies that guarantee page 1 rankings either have a loophole in their sales package, such as only ranking for less competitive long-tailed keywords, or are using a different method than the ethical White Hat SEO methodology.

As the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore, Absolute Digital has helped many clients rank on page 1 of Google and stayed on page 1 ever since which is a testament to our capabilities and great knowledge of Google's SEO.

Absolute Digital Guaranteed SEO ranking on Page 1 of Google? Real or Fake?

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Thank you for your time we hope you've enjoyed this article. To contact a top digital marketing expert, you may reach out to us at hello@absolutedigital.sg or +65 9662 1919.

Absolute Digital Guaranteed SEO ranking on Page 1 of Google? Real or Fake?

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