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How to Advertise on Instagram? by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How to Advertise on Instagram? | Absolute Digital

Why Instagram?

Did you know that over 1 Billion people are active on Instagram every day, and half of those people are on Instagram stories? No doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in 2020.

Out of the1 Billion active users, 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile at least once a day! You should be tapping on the potential of Instagram's advertising reach of about 850 million users!

Now that is an audience right there you don't want to miss! Let's talk about how your business can reach out to these groups.

Instagram for Business

To understand Instagram Marketing, or advertise on Instagram, you must first learn about Instagram for Business.

Instagram Marketing with Absolute Digital

You can convert your free Instagram account into a page by clicking "Edit Profile" and filling in the information such as page category and contact options:

Some of the benefits for an Instagram page is that you can advertise, boost your posts, and analyze your profile statistics:

To identify an Instagram page from a normal Instagram profile, you should look at the page description:

How to Advertise on Instagram?

You can either boost a particular post on Instagram or create an Ad campaign via your Facebook Page when you like your Instagram account. These are some type of Instagram Marketing:

1. Stories Ads

2. Photos Ads

3. Video Ads

4. Carousel Ads

5. Collection Ads

6. Ads in Explore

To find out which of these ads work best for your brand, you should understand where your potential customers spend their most time on as they are most likely to view your ads there and have a higher chance of converting.

Targetting the right Audience on Instagram:

To help you identify your market, make use of these functions on Facebook Ad Manager to actively target the right audience.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Here are some ways you can propel your Instagram page and thrive with Instagram Marketing:

  • Create an easy, short, and direct Instagram handle so people can easily identify your page.

  • Use hashtags (#) to appear on trending topics and ride on the bandwagon of social trends.

  • Tag relevant pages to tap into their pool of audience

  • Comment on relevant articles to create more engagement

  • Liking post would create a stronger engagement too

  • Link your account to your Facebook page and Website

  • Explore different types of Instagram Marketing to reach out to different groups of audiences


To conclude, growing your Instagram business account takes time and effort but the key ingredient is consistency. Remember to keep posting new and valuable content for your followers.

To understand more on Instagram Marketing or any social media marketing, do visit our website at www.absolutedigital.sg or drop us a question here at hello@absolutedigital.sg

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