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How To Determine If A Digital Marketing Agency Is Reliable? by Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How To Determine If A Digital Marketing Agency Is Reliable? | Absolute Digital
How To Determine If A Digital Marketing Agency Is Reliable? | Absolute Digital

If you're reading this article, chances are you understand the importance of digital marketing and how to use Google SEO, Google SEM, Website, and Social Media Platforms to increase your digital presence.

Once you've tried digital marketing yourself, you'd also recognise that it's not as simple as it seems, especially to run an effective digital marketing campaign. While it's not rocket science, a digital marketing specialist requires experience, knowledge, as well as data analytics skill.

Above all, a good digital marketing specialist should understand your industry and how to strategise an effective digital marketing campaign to meet your objectives (leads, sale, traffic) and increase ROI. This can be done using a proven methodology called an online sales funnel.

At this point, you've probably also heard of digital marketing agencies or freelancers who claim "results guaranteed" or "X times better performance". While some of these campaign results might be true, chances are the average campaign results is hard to predict.

A professional digital marketing agency knows that marketing your business online is not a simple process. Other than having experience and past successful campaigns, it is crucial to work with you as a client to understand your objectives, then create a customised strategy around your marketing campaign goals.

This concept is well understood by advertising and marketing agencies for many years and that is why they’ve created a process to understand consumer’s behaviours before marketing any brand, product, or service.

Absolute Digital is Singapore’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency and we believe strongly in this approach. Understanding that every business is different, we create a personalised strategy for every client after understanding their business, consumer’s behaviour, and marketing trends.

The reason why you cannot guarantee results is that market trends are unpredictable. Although certain patterns can be identified, no one person can be sure of how the market will respond to your digital marketing strategy.

That is why we study the best digital marketing strategies and analysing real data from your campaign to compare with the performance expectations. Only then we can improve your digital marketing campaign and reach your objectives.

It is also important to work with a digital marketing agency that you trust. Although we cannot say for sure if this will help you find a reliable digital marketing agency, this checklist is a good start for you to gauge who you should work with if you’re considering:

  1. Experience - Not in the number of years that company has been operational, or the size of the clientele, but rather how many campaigns have they run for businesses in the same industry as yourself.

  2. Credibility - Hear what existing clients have to say about this agency/freelancer with online reviews from Google Reviews.

  3. Approach - Do not fall for the overpromise sale pitch they are trying to sell you. Understand the risks, uncertainties, and rewards from digital marketing and look for an honest and knowledgeable digital marketing partner

  4. Responsiveness - It is easy to start a digital marketing campaign and forget about it. Find a responsive digital marketing agency that will respond to your questions and educate you along the way. Avoid agencies who are stubborn about their methods and try to hard-sell their approach.

Of course, these are not the only way to find a credible, high-performing digital marketing agency. However, this is a good way to shortlist a digital marketing agency that you trust. This agency that you work with should also be Google Certified, Facebook Certified, and have knowledge and experience in working with someone in your industry.

If you are unsure of how you can find the right digital marketing agency, you can read more articles here, or drop us an email at

How To Determine If A Digital Marketing Agency Is Reliable? | Absolute Digital

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