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How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? by Top Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital
How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

When it comes to Digital Marketing, it is much easier to measure your Return-On-Investment (ROI) as compared to traditional marketing. To measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign, you will need to divide your Returns by your total Investments.

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

Because there is no one formula, different digital marketing agencies have different ways to calculate this. It is important that your ROI is measured based on your campaign objectives. For instance, if your campaign objective is to get more e-commerce purchases, ROI should not be calculated based on website traffic or ad impressions.

This way, your ROI will be inaccurately high. The right way to measure ROI would be to use the number of purchase as your Returns.

How to increase your ROI?

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

To increase your ROI, you should first understand why your current campaign is underperforming. Understand the numbers would mean analysing the important data from campaign reports from your digital marketing campaigns. For instance, Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns have monthly reports that show the number of impressions (people viewing your ads), the number of clicks (people who click on your ads), time spent in your website, page most viewed from the ad.

Working with an experienced digital marketing agency, they will be able to analyze these set of ad data to tell you where should you improve on to increase ROI. If the number of people viewing your ads is high but the number of clicks is low, it means your Google SEM ad text or creatives are not attractive enough. Rewriting the ad text might help improve ROI and following other successful campaigns would be a good starting point.

However, if the average time spent on your website is below the average 3-5 minutes, it could mean that your website content is not detailed enough or it is not what the viewer is looking for. This means that you can either rewrite a more relevant Google SEM ad text that is related to your website information, or you can rewrite your website contents to have more insights.

There is no one proven formula and digital marketing campaign experts knows this is a journey of constant updating and improving your campaign to reach the optimal conversions or ROI. Updating your campaigns regularly is also important because every day, there are more and more Google SEM ads by your competition. To stay ahead, you need to be aware of the latest information and best practices in your industry.

Another reason why you should update your digital marketing campaign regularly is also due to the constant change in consumer behaviour. The faster you can adapt to the moving market, the higher chance you have to stay relevant and increase your overall digital marketing campaign ROI.

How To Stay Relevant?

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

Staying relevant is easier said than done in the fast-moving industry of digital marketing. Platforms like Google SEO, Google SEM, and Facebook Marketing are ever-changing. Once they change their algorithm, all existing and new campaigns will be affected.

To make sure you are ahead of the curve, your digital marketing agency should also keep updated on the latest news to adapt quickly and make sure your campaign is still relevant to the existing marketing. A great example is through the COVID-19 global pandemic. As digital marketing agencies across the world struggle to find more businesses, Absolute Digital focused on managing our existing client's portfolio. We told our clients from some industries to minimise their budget and not expect more clients through this period, thereby saving them some money to get through the uncertainties. Whilst other clients whom we saw an opportunity and angle to target the changing market to increase their ad budget to leverage on this opportunity and gain more market share.

Strategies like these are not developed overnight. It takes years of experience, dedicated data analysts, and most importantly someone that understands the marketing.

We are proud to say that our clients have appreciated our efforts and have left us some kind words of their heartfelt appreciation on Google Reviews.

How To Analyze Accurately?

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

In truth, there is no guaranteed way to predict the market. However, we do our best by analyzing data from reliable sources and come out with the most logical and smart strategies so that you stand the best chances. To do so, we need to have a strong understanding of not only the digital marketing space but also our client's industry and buyer's behaviour.

How can we market your business if we don't understand it first?

We take our commitment seriously and firmly believe that we should take the time and effort to understand your business before proposing an effective digital marketing campaign strategy. That is why we have to turn down some clients with unrealistic expectations and also why we are extremely proud of our clients who succeed because of our efforts.

Any digital marketing agency can read you the data and numbers, but more importantly, how many of these digital marketing experts can make sense of these numbers, and make these numbers relevant to your business. Moreover, we provide value-added suggestions on what we feel is the best strategy to tackle and challenges along the way.

What Makes A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

All in all, what makes a successful digital marketing campaign, be it on Google SEO, Google SEM, or Facebook Marketing, is how well you can apply the data to your business and how fast your digital marketing agency is able to help you adapt to the current marketing situation. At Absolute Digital, we are committed to our values as the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in Singapore to provide value-added services based on our experience and knowledge to our clients.

If you would like to read more helpful articles relating to digital marketing, Google SEO, Google SEM, Facebook Marketing, or Web Design, you are welcome to read more articles here. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to us, you may reach out to us at +65 8892 1290 or drop us an email at for a free consultation.

How to increase my digital marketing campaign ROI? | Absolute Digital

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