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How to set up an Instagram Business account? by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

If you're a business owner and want to increase your brand's digital presence on Social Media, then the first 2 things you need is a Facebook Page and an Instagram Business Account. In this article, we will show you how you can easily set up your Instagram Business account.

There are basically 2 different kinds of Instagram accounts. Personal and Business. All you need is an email address and a unique username to create your account. For businesses, Instagram will ask you more information just so that they can help narrow down your industry and link up your Instagram account with your other social media platforms or website.

How to set up an Instagram account

To get started on setting up your Instagram account you will first need an email address and a unique Instagram username. Your username can be changed in future provided nobody has taken it. Every account can only occupy one username and every username is unique so it is important you find a username that best describes your business, and as short as possible.

Protip: Make your username short and easy to remember. If your business's name is too long, you may use abbreviations like "@uob" instead of "@unitedoverseasbank" or short-form words such as "@companytech" instead of "@companytechnology"

Start by downloading the Instagram app on your smartphone, or visit https://www.instagram.com/ to sign up for a new account.

If you have a Facebook account, you may use it to sign up for an Instagram account too. If not, you will need to enter your details. Once you've signed up an account, you will be asked to select a unique username which will by your profile's name.

When you have selected an available username, your profile is created and you can enter more details about your business here

Once you have filled up the basic information on your profile, you can start posting on Instagram (permanent until deleted) and Instagram stories (for 24hours). Remember to set your profile to "public" so everyone can visit. If your profile is not set to "business" you can follow these instructions to change your profile to an Instagram Business account.

How to create an Instagram Ad

Once you've set up your account and confirmed your email address, you may start posting on Instagram. But hold on for just a minute... in order to get more people interested in your profile you need to post valuable content and target the right audience. Instagram Ads allow you to post ads in your target audience's profile and link to your own Instagram page or website. Here's how you can create an Instagram Ad.

Source: Absolute Digital Instagram Page

There are 2 ways to create an Instagram ad. 1. Instagram boost posts or 2. Facebook Ads Manager. Here's how you can create an Instagram ad with these platforms:

1. Instagram Boost Posts

An Instagram boost post is when you click the "promote" button at the bottom right of a single Instagram post that you've made. It should look something like this:

Source: Instagram

Once you have chosen the ideal post to boost, simply choose a target audience and set a daily budget. After you have completed the payment, Instagram will automatically track your report in real-time and you can analyse and improve your ROI from these reports.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

Source: Facebook

After you have created your Instagram and Facebook account, you can follow these instructions to set up your ad.

1. Set up your ad. Select your ad objective, target audience and ad format in Ads Manager. Or select a post that you've already shared on Instagram and tap Promote. We recommend that you let Instagram automatically create an audience of people similar to your existing followers.

2. Determine your budget. Decide how long your ads will run and what budget you're comfortable with spending.

3. Publish your ad. Now that your ads are ready to go, click Publish. You'll receive a notification when your ads are approved and ready to run. You can publish your ads here.

Ad Performance

After you have successfully set up your Instagram Ads, it is important to start tracking your ads. The good news is, with Facebook's Ads Manager or Instagram Marketing, you get real-time ad tracking reports that tell you how your ads are performing at all times.

At this stage, it is important to understand and analyze these metrics to better improve and optimise your overall campaign ROI. If you are unsure on how to manage or strategise and effective digital marketing campaign, you can reach out to a professional digital marketing agency like Absolute Digital at +65 8892 1290 or drop them an email at hello@absolutedigital.sg for more information.

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