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How To Start A Smart Campaign On Google Ads / SEM

How To Start A Smart Campaign On Google Ads / SEM
by Absolute Digital

We've gathered the best practices to set your Smart Bidding campaigns up for success based on recommendations from Google and our experience as the leading Google Ads agency in Singapore.

Smart Bidding - You're on your way to more effective campaignsSmart Bidding sets bids in real time to support your business goals. Smart Bidding helps you get your ads in front of potential customers as often as possible within your budget. Patience is key – here are some tips to keep in mind.


Give it time

Sometimes it can take a few days, or even a few weeks, for someone to convert. We recommend waiting to evaluate your campaign performance until after the conversion delay period is over. You can check the status of your Smart Bidding strategy in your bid strategy report, as well as get deeper insights into your bidding performance.


Adjust for special events

During seasonal periods when you're experiencing higher traffic, Smart Bidding automatically adjusts bids to help attract more customers to your business. If you're preparing for an event with short-term conversion rate changes, such as flash sales or product launches, you can create a seasonality adjustment.


Continue optimizing

Use tools like Performance Planner and target and budget simulatorsto refine your Smart Bidding goals and budgets.

How To Start A Smart Campaign On Google Ads / SEM

Understand everything you need to know to implement, measure, and optimize your Smart Bidding campaigns.

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