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Humble Marketing by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

What is 'Humble Marketing'?

It's a term coined by Absolute Digital meaning the importance of humility in your marketing strategy.

What? Are you serious?

Hear me out.

Nobody likes a show-off. And for the same reason, every other agency out there promises the best service and results. The truth is, all of us are still learning, and only when you admit that you can grow and improve. Absolute Digital marketers have made peace with this and we bring along this mindset to every project our clients trust us with.

This article by Medium sums it up perfectly: "In order to truly establish a personal connection with your audience, people need to feel as if they can genuinely connect with you."

Another reason why agencies like us have to apply this strategy when marketing your business is that in order to cut out all the other noise in our digital age, we have to make our brand relatable to the consumers. As the saying goes "Nobody is perfect". And we might add that no agency is perfect as well.

In our previous post, we spoke about how you can choose the right agency to work with. In fact, the main reason you should work with an agency is not because of the favorable price quotes, nor just about the expertise and experience of the agency, but rather if that agency is aligned with your brand, and if they are able to find a connection with your clients.

By following this simple rule of thumb, you will most certainly be happy with the performance of that marketing campaign, and thus the result of your partnership with that agency. We must admit that there isn't just one 'Best Marketing Agency' in the world but rather which of these agencies understand my brand the best and can establish a connection with my business and our clients.

If you'd like to discuss how we can strategize a uniquely successful brand campaign for your business, do head over to our website at or email

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