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Marketing vs. Advertising by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital
by Absolute Digital

Marketing and advertising are often lumped together and used interchangeably.

But marketing and advertising are not the same things, and if you want to be successful with either, you need to understand why and how they’re different — and how to use each effectively. So, what is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Absolute Digital aims to be the best digital marketing agency in Singapore by creating value-added digital marketing campaigns for our clients. We believe that in order to effectively marketing your brand online, we not only need to have a good understanding of the online platforms but also our client's business. That's why we've written this article to help you understand (and break the barrier) digital marketing campaigns and strategies better, and how you can leverage these tools to grow your brand.

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital

Marketing is a process that includes different elements such as creation, research, design, planning, and data mining. All of this is done in an effort to understand how a business can properly align the concept of a product or service with the designated target audience for that brand. Marketing is useful because it helps brands define the actual product they want to sell even more than the actual product itself. A vast majority of businesses out there will utilize marketing in some form.

Advertising, on the other hand, is the actual process of making a brand’s product or service known to the target audience (and audience in general.) Advertising can be seen as the description brands will use to present the product or service to the public. Advertising will usually involve campaigns through media, and such campaigns will use creative positioning to improve product reach. Advertising has numerous time limits and many advertisers will utilize specific strategies for advertising effectiveness.

Short Answer: Marketing is a business strategy to connect their customers or potential customers to their brand. Advertising is one component of the overall marketing process that involves directly getting the word out about your business, product, or service to those you want to reach most.

Simply put, Advertising gets “the word out” about a brand or perhaps one of its newest products or services. Marketing will involve the necessary research and analysis of the market in order to make more informed decisions about the creative side of the marketing plan, which almost always includes advertising.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital

Digital Marketing is defined as the use of any online mediums such as websites, social media, or search engines to reach a consumer. Typically, digital marketing campaigns are used by businesses to broadcast their brand message or promotion to a specific target audience to meet a specific objective such as lead generation or online sales.

Digital marketing strategies typically include an online sales funnel to reach their potential customers, convince them why they should buy your products or services, and convert them into a sale (in some cases, upselling and cross-selling too). A reliable digital marketing agency will be able to craft a suitable strategy to fit your brand's objectives, and accurately target the right audience (most potential to show interest in your brand based on their demographic and buying patterns). That's why digital marketing campaigns usually have better ROI than traditional marketing campaigns.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital

Compared to Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing is the act of marketing strategies used by businesses on conventional mediums such as newspapers, TV and radio advertisements. This form of marketing is usually targetted at audiences who are less tech-savvy or spent most of their leisure time offline. As more and more people spend more time on the internet and their respective platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, the target audience for digital marketing is grown significantly and will continue to rise in the next few years.

If you own a business today, then it is paramount that your brand has at least some basic digital presence.

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital

If you'd like to see how you can start with a digital marketing strategy for your business or learn how you can grow your online presence with digital marketing, feel free to reach out to the top digital marketing agency in Singapore Absolute Digital at +65 8892 1290 or email us at

Marketing vs. Advertising by Absolute Digital

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