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Meta’s Top 5 Tips For Eye-Catching Video Ads

Follow Meta’s best practices for mobile-friendly video

Meta’s Top 5 Tips For Eye-Catching Video Ads
by Absolute Digital

By creating short, vertical videos designed for mobile, you can increase engagement and see better campaign results, such as lower costs for link clicks, leads, and messages.

Why should I make my videos mobile-friendly?

Most people browse Facebook and Instagram on their mobile devices. By designing your videos for these placements, you’re more likely to capture attention where it matters most. See Meta’s best practices for mobile-friendly video ads below.

Improve video ads with five mobile-friendly best practices.

By designing your video ads for mobile viewing, you can help them reach a wider audience and increase your campaign engagement.

Meta’s 5 best practices for your next video ad

Meta’s 5 best practices for your next video ad

1. Keep videos to 15 seconds or less

Shorter video ads tend to perform better and get more full video plays from potential customers.

2. Create vertical videos

Adapt your video for mobile viewing with a vertical aspect ratio of 4:5 for Feed or 9:16 for Stories placements.

3. Capture attention in the first 3 seconds

Include your most important message, such as your product or service, in the first 3 seconds of your video.

4. Design for sound-off viewing

Don't rely on sound to convey your message. Instead, include text and use sound as a delightful addition to your videos.

5. Start by updating existing videos

Choose your top-performing past videos and update them for mobile using Meta’s free tools.

Find out more about Meta Ads here.

Create videos using Ads Manager’s mobile-friendly templates.

Use your existing images to create videos that are designed to be mobile-friendly.

To see how Ads Manager’s video creation tool works or to create multiple videos at once and access them later in Ads Manager, visit Creative Hub to create video ad mock-ups.

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