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SEO Agency: 2021 Google SEO Hacks

SEO Agency: 2021 Google SEO Hacks
by Absolute Digital

If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world. But the truth is, most people never really understand how to use Google properly. So we've complied a list of 8 Google Search Tips as a Google SEO Agency to show you how to use Google SEO the right way.

  1. "Quotes" You can put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that word. All Google search results will have your terms in it. For example, if you search for "Absolute Digital" Google will show you all Absolute Digital results without just "Absolute" or use "Digital"

  2. - Dashes If you want to exclude a term for your search, include a simple hyphen before that word. For example, SEO-Agency. You just want to learn about SEO not looking for an SEO Agency.

  3. ~ Tilde Use a tilde if you want synonyms to appear in the results. For example: SEO ~Courses. Here, you only get SEO courses, guides, and lessons.

  4. Site: Use this to search within a specific website only. Example: SEO Agency . This searches for SEO Agency results in the website

  5. | Vertical Bar Same purpose as OR. For example: SEO | SEM. You get results searching for SEO or SEM.

  6. .. Two Periods Use two periods to search within 2 number ranges. For example: Movies 2010..2020. This shows results for Movies from 2010 all the way to 2020.

  7. Location: Find results related to a specific location. For example: SEO Agency location:Singapore. This shows the results for all SEO Agencies in Singapore.

  8. Filetype: Filter by certain file type related to your search keywords. SEO Guide filetype:PDF. This filters out all other formats except pdf files on SEO guides and saves you a whole lot of time.

If you're trying to optimise your website for Google SEO, we'd recommend reading this article first to get started: 3 Ways To Improve Your Google SEO Campaign Right Now!

For more on SEO agency topics or SEO-related articles, you can read our SEO blogs here.

We don't just claim that we are the best, our awards speak for us:

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We sincerely hope you find these articles valuable to your business and if it has helped you in understanding how businesses marketing their brand online, please let us know in the comment section and leave us a like below. If you'd like to find read more articles just like this, you can check out our free resources page here.

Thank you for your time we hope you've enjoyed and found some value in this article we've written. To contact our SEO Agency, you may reach out to us by email at or call us at 6908 1919 | 9662 1919.

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