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The Perfect Digital Marketing Sales Funnel by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The Perfect Digital Marketing Sales Funnel | Absolute Digital

Your website and digital marketing campaign is your 24/7 online salesperson! So how to your optimise this virtual salesperson to ensure consistent top performance? Let's find out!

To understand how to optimise your online sales funnel, you need to understand your marketing (including direct and indirect competitors) and buyer's behaviour.

What is an Online Sales Funnel?

Simply put, an online sales funnel is the process which a potential customer goes through before purchasing your product or service. Once you understand this funnel, you can accurately run your digital marketing campaigns to target the right audience, and using the right platform.

Google Display Network (GDN) is a perfect example of an Awareness campaign. People might see your ad in websites they frequent via GDN banners, but they might not need your product just yet. If your ads appear often enough to leave an impression, potential customers may remember your brand but not convert into a customer just yet...

Some months down the road, when they have a need for your product or service, they might be reminded of your brand and head down to the shop and finally, make the purchase. Whereas without GDN, they might not even have heard of your brand. And from your end, you might not see the direct conversion for this client. But that doesn't mean your GDN ads were not working.

Once you've managed to get the attention of the potential customer online, you need a strong hook to pique their Interest. Free giveaways are often the most eye-catching. But seen enough and you'll soon be sick enough of it you'd just scroll away. These days, it's hard to plan and execute a strong hook online because customers are well educated and have more options.

What you should do instead is create valuable content for your viewers, attracting them organically. You do not want to waste your time with clients who are less genuine either.

To influence their Decision, remarketing is very effective. Using remarketing, you may target users who have been to your website and remind them of your brand for the next 30 days through email, social media or GDN banners. These constant reminders are infamously implemented by online airline tickets sales where you'd constantly see ads customised to your trip if you've visited an airline booking website. Although repetitive, it works to serve as a reminder and you'd know conversion will improve because this user is aware and has shown interest in your product or service.

Once the customer is ready to purchase, you'd need to make the process easy. For them to take Action for a purchase, you'd want that experience for them to be as smooth as possible. Including some related items to cross-sell or upsell to them would also help increase the value per customer.

The Big Picture

Once you've successfully attracted the right target market and converted them into your customers, you need to maintain and retain that customer with reliable customer service and after-sales. Believe it or not, this where most businesses lose their clients. The big brands understand this well which is why you often feel more comfortable purchasing with a well-known brand. You'd know that your needs will be taken care of instead of a small start-up where you might be worried about after-sales support.

A good way to increase your retention of customers is to start by getting feedback. Once a customer made a purchase, you should immediately get feedback on the experience and seek to improve it. Next, keep in touch with your customers by sending monthly newsletter updates or encourage them to follow your social media page. If they are following you online, that's free screentime for a potential second-time purchase customer.

Another method is to offer exclusive promotions to your existing customers such as VIP events, exclusive discounts, or priority access. This would increase the value of your customers and if done right will be a win-win situation where your customers feel valued and your business would have a higher chance they might purchase a second time from your brand.

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. - Outbound Engine


The perfect digital marketing sales funnel are as follows:

1. Attract

2. Engage

3. Convert

4. Retain

However, each of these steps requires an important understanding of the parties involved (customers, competitors, market influencers), good knowledge on the digital marketing platforms and how to correctly optimise your digital marketing campaigns, and how to manage your brand online (totally different from retail management).

It is at this point where you need to find an experienced and reliable digital marketing agency to tap on their knowledge and experience for your digital marketing campaigns to succeed while you focus on managing and growing your business!

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