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The Power Of Consistency In Business by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

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Here's why you should be consistent:

  1. Creates Expectations - When you do something great once, it will leave a positive impression on your customers. However, only by repeated excellence, your customers will remember your brand and that is how you establish a brand connection.

  2. Consistency allows for measurement - As a business, it is important to constantly improve and grow. That is why consistency allows you to measure your performance over time and allow others the opportunity to see your growth.

  3. Creating Accountability - Accountability is a strong trait that not all individuals or businesses can obtain. It takes a good amount of humbling to admit your mistakes and be honest about where you currently stand in the market. Very few businesses can do that and if you are one of the top few players in your industry, not only must you hold you company and it's executives accountable, but your customers will also hold you accountable. Accountability is a habit, not an act.

  4. Establishes Your Reputation - Having a strong reputation takes time - years. No reputation is built with a single act of greatness, but rather a consistent act of doing well. Being consistent is also a successful trait in top-performing individuals.

  5. Makes You Relevant - Having consistency also means that you will not waiver in any circumstances. Be it the COIVD-19 global pandemic situation or the unrest in the case of George Floyd in America, businesses still go on. Therefore, you should work on how to keep your business relevant in such situations of turmoil with a careful, but consistent message you want your customers to associate your brand with.

  6. Maintains Your Message - In my previous article, I talked about how having a clear and consistent brand message is important in any business. "We broadcast your message to the right audience" is a great example. Instead of saying we are the best in the industry, we tell our clients what we stand for, and when repeated enough, this is how our brand will be associated with our customer's minds.

Absolute Digital Social Media Marketing Agency Singapore

Remember, it is crucial that you choose a message for your business, that resonates with your business model and beliefs. This will become your identity and it should be something that you are constantly building. This will be your guiding principle throughout your decisions you're going to make and also how customers associate your brand with.

What are some of the most impressionable business taglines that you have come across? Leave your comments down below and share them with this community.

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