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The SEO Agency Handover Checklist

SEO Agency Handover Checklist
by Absolute Digital

Whether you’re unhappy with your existing digital marketing agency or simply want to try a new alternative, the complexity of the agency handover process shouldn’t be the thing holding you back.

Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and understanding can make the agency handover process less stressful and make it more likely that you will get the results you want.

In this guide you’ll find out:

  1. What an agency handover entails

  2. What information you should have ready

  3. Why existing data is so important

  4. How to analyze your new agency’s strategy

How To Ensure A Smooth SEO Agency Handover

This guide is for digital marketing teams and managers who are either considering switching agencies and/or currently going through an agency handover.


You’re creating a new relationship between yourself and your new seo agency. Expectations need to be aligned, and lines of communication need to be defined. The first thing you hand over is trust – that’s what we mean when we talk about the relationship between yourself and your new agency.

This relationship continues to evolve as your agency starts to kick off its campaign. You should start to see deliverables, giving you detailed reports tailored to your objectives and your strategic needs.


This refers to the platforms of digital marketing the agency will be handling – which will likely include some of the following:

While you can split what you’re handing over into constituent parts, relationships, services, and access are all interlinked and rely upon each other. None of them can operate in isolation.

What should be given to your new SEO agency?

What should be given to your new SEO agency?

You can give your new agency:

  • Any data you have

  • Any data in accounts, like analytics, you own

  • Any documents/deliverables given to you by your previous agency

What an agency won’t hand over is its ‘Intellectual Property.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Perfect examples of Intellectual Property are strategies and tactics. Your old agency won’t hand over its SEO strategy, or the tactics they use to run PPC campaigns.

However, consider this: Your new agency will have a strategy and approach of its own – you’re investing in them and their ideas… leave the old approach behind!

If you aren’t sure about the new approach and want to sense-check it, compare it with the old approach. Ask your new agency to justify the changes they make.


SEO Agency On-Boarding

Another vital element of your new relationship is ‘bedding in time’ – or ‘onboarding’ the agency.

It’s during this time that your new agency should perform audits on each service and your website, making sure everything is set up correctly and that all your tags and tracking

are working properly.

You should expect to see these as some of the first deliverables you receive.

Time should be taken to understand your tone of voice, your culture, and your performance.

The best way for your new agency to get that insight is to come to you, sit with the elements of your business, and see how your company really works.

Your agency should immerse itself in your business. At your end, you can help this along by

offering them opportunities to attend events with you, go through internal training, and full staff induction of those handling your account.

Your Google SEO Plan

Your Google SEO Plan

What are your objectives?

When it comes to a strategy, your new agency needs to understand what you want to achieve before it can properly analyze what the digital marketing mix is going to look like for you.

What does success look like for you?

What KPIs do you want to measure?

Knowing this information will help your agency deliver better, more valuable reporting.

What to expect from your agency

Going forward, your agency should use these points of contact to deliver an activity plan and their audits to the right people.

An activity plan will sum up how they will be handling the various online marketing channels. Audits should help you to see where the problems are, and how they plan to fix them.

The agency should then provide you with monthly progress reports to deliver SEO results based on the keywords you want to rank for.

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