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Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital
By Absolute Digital

In this article, we will be going through the top 5 Google SEO mistakes, and how you can avoid them. Google SEO is most commonly the basics of online marketing. Many companies try to optimise their website on Google's SERP, and some companies work with the best digital marketing agencies. However, did you know that some of these mistakes are being made by amateurs and professionals alike?

What is Google SEO?

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process where you optimise your website in order to rank on page 1 on Google to gain a stronger digital presence. This may help your potential clients easily find your website online, and increase your visibility to new clients who are searching for your products or services.

Google SEO has the reputation of having credible and relevant search listings because of their algorithm which ranks the most relevant websites to your search keywords. Companies try to rank their website on Google SEO using different methods, and some of these methods may result in Google banning your website if not done correctly.

Let's take a look at some of the Top 5 Mistakes on Google SEO, and how you can avoid them!

1. Hiring an Inexperienced SEO Agency

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Whilst many claims to be Google SEO 'experts', it is important to understand the difference between a professional digital marketing agency and an inexperienced agency or freelancer. If you have hired an inexperienced digital marketing agency, you might not get much value out of the partnership because they are unlikely to have a proven method to run your digital campaign that usually comes with experience.

Learning about the theory is one thing, but to run an effective digital marketing campaign, the agency has to have experience in consumer behaviour, Google's SERP metrics, your industry competitors amongst other factors. When hiring an SEO agency, remember that digital marketing doesn't cost, it pays. If done right, your digital marketing ROI will make more sales than it cost your business.

2. Black Hat SEO

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines.

This method is considered unethical and will be banned by Google once they determine that your website is not credible. Examples of black hat SEO are:

  1. Spam links

  2. Repeated content

  3. Hidden links or texts

  4. Irrelevant redirects

  5. Link manipulation (mass buying of links)

Once your website is found using black hat SEO, Google will blacklist your website making it almost impossible for you to rank on page 1 of Google anymore. Whilst this may get you on the first page initially, you can be sure Google will eventually find out and bring your website down eventually.

3. Spam content

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Having relevant content is crucial to ranking your website on page 1 of Google SEO. However, often times when a company is starting out, they do not have much content on their website. Some times, they copy other people's content or post repeated or irrelevant content to artificially boost their website content. This may be seen as spam content and is not healthy for your Domain Authority (DA).

To effectively rank on Google's page 1 SERP, you will have to build your website with original, relevant, and new content. This will help increase your DA, and therefore earn Google's trust. Once your DA has reached a certain level, it means that Google has determined your website to be credible and is, therefore, more likely to rank your website on page 1 of their SERP.

4. Irrelevant Content

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Google's algorithm analyses the backend texts and links from your website and cannot see front end contents like you and I. This means that if you were to upload a photo, you would need to tell Google what it is by naming it with relevant keywords and alternate texts. This tells Google what this image is about and what is it relevant to.

This contributes to a larger picture where Google will try to determine what your entire website is about and what keywords it is relevant to. Your content on your website plays a huge part in helping Google better understand what your website is about and which keywords are you most relevant.

When writing your website content, it is also important to go in-depth because if your content is too generalised, Google will find that your website content is too thin and this makes it harder to get ranked on page 1 of Google. Find a niche topic and write original and detailed content to help boost your Google SEO ranking with content.

5. Sitemap Planning

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

Now that you have optimised your website to rank on page 1 of Google SEO, make sure your content is well structured so that Google's algorithm can find the right content on your website. This means having a proper sitemap which allows Google to categorise your website according to the contents on each page.

This final step is so important because if not done right, Google might direct your potential customers to the wrong page which may result in losing these customers who cannot find what they intend to look for on your website. This is closely linked to relevancy because the content on each of your website's pages might be different, so having relevant content in each page helps here too.

Remember to change the title of your page relevant to your the contents within that particular page. For instance, if you are talking about your services, then the title should be "Our Services" and not "Home" or "Contact Us". Having the wrong title is an example whereby Google's algorithm will be confused and considers your website contents to be irrelevant.

Top 5 Google SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them by Absolute Digital

There are many factors to ranking your website on page 1 of Google SEO. These take time and effort to optimise your website the right way, often taking up to 9 or 12 months for more competitive keywords. Some people may get impatient and take a shortcut such as using black hat SEO method.

But if you're a serious business owner trying not only to get on page 1 but also to stay there, we suggest avoiding these Google SEO mistakes at all costs. Work with a reliable digital marketing agency to stay updated on Google's algorithm updates and make sure your website ranks on page 1 of Google the right way.

To learn more on Google SEO, you can read more helpful articles here. If you would like to reach out to Absolute Digital, you can call us at +65 8892 1290 or email us at

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