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What is a Digital Campaign? by Best Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign
by Absolute Digital

A digital campaign is defined as an ongoing process towards a specific marketing goal or objective, using an online platform.

Digital marketing campaigns help companies strategise, develop, execute, and manage their online presences such as website and social media accounts to achieve a set objective. These objectives can be building brand awareness, leads generation, increase in online traffic, or increase online sales.

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign

Campaigns help categorise your digital marketing efforts into specific groups of ads that achieve a certain goal. Companies can run several campaigns at once, to achieve different goals, or target a different group of audience.

This creates an opportunity to customize your ad creatives to better suit your target marketing, and in return increase the chances of them interacting with your ad because it is more relevant to them.

Having a detailed targeting campaign also allows your business to accurately track and analyze results from each campaign to improve the performance easier. Having data from impressions, reach, and conversions from individual campaigns allow your digital marketing expert to identify potential areas to improve your digital campaign's performance.

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign

Effectively targeting the right audience with your digital campaign also means that you will better understand who is seeing your ads. Understanding user behaviour is key to convincing them to engage with your ad. Typically, depending on the platform you advertise with, the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) would be anywhere from 1 to 10%.

The higher your CTR is, the better your campaign ROI would be. This means that with the same amount of ad budget spent, you will be able to increase your returns (depend on your campaign objective) thereby increasing your ROI.

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign

When you work with a professional digital marketing agency, they will not only be able to track your campaign performance and analyze the data but will also provide value-added suggestions on the best industry practises to help boost your campaign to peak performance.

Without these suggestions, your data collection from these digital campaigns would not be of great value. This is one of the main reasons to work with a reputable digital marketing agency - to tap on their wealth of experience.

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign

Photo Credits: Best In Singapore

With multiple campaigns running simultaneously, you'd need a team of experienced digital marketing experts to manage your digital marketing. Failing to adapt to changes quickly would results in your digital campaigns underperforming and being overtaken by your competitors.

If you'd like to learn on how to strategise an effective digital marketing campaign, you can read this article or reach out to us at +65 8892 1290 or drop us an email at Start your digital marketing campaign today to avoid being the next NOKIA!

Absolute Digital what is a digital campaign

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