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What is Facebook Wi-Fi and how to get started?

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by Absolute Digital

Easily activate your existing Wi-Fi to connect customers and attract more people to your business. Setup is fast. With Facebook Wi-Fi, visitors of your business have the option to check in to your business with Facebook. Your visitors' check-ins can be seen by their friends and family, helping you connect with more people.

Connect your business's Instagram profile so your visitors can access your Wi-Fi with their Instagram login. While connecting to your Wi-Fi through their Instagram login, visitors can opt to follow your business profile to get your latest updates.

Millions of people search for Wi-Fi using Facebook every month. Facebook Wi-Fi can help them discover businesses like yours, so you can connect with more people.

When your visitors' check in and connect to your Wi-Fi, we’ll send them to your Facebook Page where they can Like your Page and learn more about your business. After setting up Facebook Wi-Fi, businesses have seen an increase in activity on their Page.

See how many people checked in to your business by connecting to your Wi-Fi, and other insights such as the number of unique users who visited in a certain month, and how many are new or returning.

With Facebook Wi-Fi, visitors to your business will no longer have to ask you or your employees for the Wi-Fi password. To get online, your customers will be asked to log in on Facebook and check-in at your business. You’ll also be able to limit how long visitors can use your Wi-Fi during each session.

Get started with Facebook WiFi Here!

SEO Agency Absolute Digital

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