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What is Off-Page SEO? by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Absolute Digital What is off page SEO
by Absolute Digital

Off-Page SEO refers to any optimisation to rank on page 1 of a search engine that happens outside of your website. This includes optimisation for Google SERP such as a link building strategy and content creation.

Although SEO usually starts with having the right on-page SEO set up when creating a website, most of how Google ranks your website happens outside of the website. Having a strong on-page SEO is like having a good base, but there's so much more to be done.

Link Building Strategy

The fundamentals of having a strong off-page SEO is having backlinks. Not just any backlinks but from reputable websites such as government, education, or trusted websites. Building backlinks can be complicated so we've written a separate article on that itself and you can check it out here: How to build quality backlinks?

Although there are many link building strategies out there, some are more effective than others. To have a strong off-page SEO, you need to link your website to relevant articles written by professional and reputable websites that Google already trusts. These websites usually have a high domain authority (DA). When one (or more) of these websites link to yours, it's like giving Google the 'recommendation' that your website is also credible and relevant to their content.

Quality Content

Having your website linked to quality websites that are unrelated to your business may do more harm than good. Linking to your website with duplicate contents would also bring a similar effect. This it is important that you find not only reputable websites but articles relevant to your business.

Ideally, these articles should be found on page 1 of Google organically because it means that their article has already been picked up by Google. Other factors to determine if that article is considered a quality content is that it should also be original and in-depth.

With that said, off-page SEO should only be optimised once you have done your basic on-page SEO. None of these would matter if your website is not structured properly in the first place nor if your website does not provide additional value.

Protip: Find an article that is already on page 1 of Google, then choose a relevant topic to your business and write an article more detailed than that.

For instance, if you found an article on Google talking about the different types of keyboards in general, pick a category like "Mechanical keyboard" and write an in-depth article on it. Proceed to reach out to the author of that article to invite them to link to your article because it provides an in-depth analysis of one of the types of keyboards mentioned in their article. They'd most likely agree because it too provides more value for their viewers.

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