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What is Retargeting and How to use it Effectively for your business?

Absolute Digital What is Retargeting and how to use it effectively for your business?
By Absolute Digital

Retargeting is often used by e-commerce websites to lure potential buyers back to their website with the hope of making a sale. This can be done by offering them a discount, or showing them other related products. These potential buyers were tracked using cookies (no, not the edible kind) from their website so if you’ve ever visited a website before and wondered by you keep seeing their ads on other platform, you’re been retargeted.

Retargeting can be useful in many ways. If a buyer is on the fence about your product, chances are their are interested (if not why did they go onto your website and browse your products?) in something you offer. But if the sale was not made, then there must be a reason:

  1. Not enough information on the product found on your website

  2. Not the right specifications (colour or size) of the product that they’re looking for

  3. Too Expensive

  4. Other reasons

Here’s a good example. Recently, I saw an ad on a wireless car charger. I clicked on their ad and landed on their e-commerce website. After browsing through, I found that the original price tag of about $49 USD was too costly and left their site.

Over the next 3 days, I was constantly seeing their ads every time I was online. Places such as Instagram, Facebook, and while browsing other websites (GDN). On particular ad caught my attention because they were offering a 20% discount for the exact product that I was interested in...

If you noticed, you can tell that this ad is specifically targeted at potential buyers like myself. The caption says “Sorry we missed ya! We wanted to give you an additional 20% OFF

Well, it worked because I was already interested in the product and with this new offer, I caved in and went ahead to click on their ad to purchase using this discount code!

Retargeting is not only for e-commerce products and can be applied to many other brands as well. If you’ve ever considered to try retargeting or remarketing, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll see how we can best apply a strategy using the digital sales funnel to help you increase your digital presence!

Absolute Digital 6 Reasons why your business should be online

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Absolute Digital 6 Reasons why your business should be online

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