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Why Google's Featured Articles Can Sometimes Be Wrong | Absolute Digital | 🎯 Google SEO Agency 🏆

by Absolute Digital

Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google's organic results below the ads in a box.

Featured snippets aim at answering the user's question right away (hence their other well-known name, "answer boxes"). Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results.

There are three major types of featured snippets:

  • Paragraph (an answer is given in the text). It can be a box with text inside or a box with both text and an image inside.

  • List (an answer is given in a form of a list)

  • Table (an answer is given in a table)

Although this sounds great for getting direct answers to your questions, sometimes these featured snippets can go very wrong...

For most of its history, Google did not answer questions. Users typed in what they were looking for and got a list of web pages that might contain the desired information. Google recognized that many people don’t necessarily need a research tool, and they sometimes just want a quick answer. Over the last few years, they have been working toward providing direct answers to questions along with its traditional list of relevant search result pages.

Type in the name of a person and you’ll get a box with a photo and biographical data. Type in a word and you’ll get a box with a definition. Type in “When is Mother’s Day” and you’ll get a date. Type in “How to bake a cake?” and you’ll get a basic cake recipe. These are Google’s attempts to provide “the one true answer.”

These answers are visually set apart, encased in a virtual box with a slight drop shadow. According to MozCast, a tool that tracks the Google algorithm, almost 20 per cent of queries will attempt to return one true answer.

Unfortunately, not all of these answers are actually true.

This video on YouTube by Vox sums up perfectly as to why Google's featured snippets need to improve.

Do I have a chance to get featured?

According to this research by Ahrefs, 99.58% of featured pages already rank in the top 10 of Google.

So if you are already ranking high for related search queries, you have very good chances to get featured. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that it's required that the page is ranked in top 10, but it's not required to be #1 to be featured.

Unsurprisingly, the most featured site is Wikipedia.org. If there's Wikipedia featured for your search query, it may be extremely hard to beat that — but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

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