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Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital
by Absolute Digital

When it comes to marketing your business online, you can either hire an in-house intern, engage a freelancer, or work with a digital marketing agency. In our previous post, we covered the benefits of working with a freelancer, so in this post, we would like to talk about the pros and cons of working with a digital marketing agency.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

A Digital Marketing Agency is simply a business that provides online advertising and marketing services to its clients. Companies who have adopted digital marketing strategies early have started to see exponential growth in recent years such as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. On the contrary, companies who were resistant to digital marketing have seen a decline, and in some cases, total loss of the market share like Nokia.

So I guess it is safe to say having a digital marketing strategy for your business is not only effective but absolutely essential in any business in 2020.

It's not only a question about growth, but rather, survival.

As more and more companies start to acknowledge the importance of a digital marketing strategy, they will either cultivate their own in-house digital marketing team or work with an established agency. If you're considering between the two, here's what you should know before deciding...

Why you should with a Digital Marketing Agency?

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

Some of the main benefits of working with a digital marketing agency include; their experience in creating proven digital marketing solutions for other businesses, their professional skillset such as ad copywriting and campaign strategising, their ability to understand your client's purchasing habit and how to convince them by creating a digital sales funnel, as well as their knowledge in this field to help increase your ROI and reduce ad spent.

Let's take a look and the potential benefits of a business working with a digital marketing agency:

1. Strategy

2. Resources

3. Industry Knowledge

4. ROI

#1 - Campaign Strategy

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

A reliable digital marketing agency is one that can show their successful track record of digital marketing campaigns that have yield positive ROI for their clients. Other than having successful case studies, you can see what their past clients say about their performance through reliable sources such as Google Reviews or Agency Portals. Distinguished digital marketing agencies will even have multiple awards that show their best work to potential clients.

However, it is also important to see their work. Try to find any of their existing clients and Google them (if they're doing any Google Ads). One of Absolute Digital's clients, ATI is doing Google SEM campaigns and have seen their keywords overtaken industry leaders becoming #1 not only on Google Ads but also Google Organic listings (Google SEO). The keywords that ATI is ranked #1 on page 1 of Google is highly competitive, relevant and short-tailed keywords such as Private Investigator, Private Investigator Singapore, Private Eye, Private Eye Singapore, Private Detective, Private Detective Singapore, Asia Top Investigator, Top Private Investigator, Top Private Detective, and many more. All within a short span of 3 months! Search these keywords on Google now for proof!

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

#2 - Team Resources

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

Having more resources at your disposal equates to a stronger digital presence for your business. This means having enough experts in each of their own fields to contribute to a successful digital marketing campaign. Examples of these talents would be ad copywriting, graphic design, Google Adwords analytics, Google SEO specialists, Google Friendly Web Designer, as well as a dedicated project or campaign manager.

A well-coordinated team can accomplish more than a single digital marketing expert. Whilst some campaigns can be run by an individual, others might need to utilize the full resources of a professional digital marketing agency to effectively implement their strategy.

Depending on the objectives of your digital marketing campaigns, the more competitive or ambitious it is, the more resources you're going to need. So it's important to understand what you or your business is trying to accomplish and assemble the right team to do the task.

#3 - Deepened Industry Knowledge

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

This effect is compounded with the right strategy to link your existing customers and create a new target audience, very similar to yours, based on the data gathered from your online campaigns. This basically allows you to widen your target audience by showing your ads to those who are more likely to purchase your product or service.

An experienced digital marketing agency will have the right knowledge, experience, resources, and tools to effectively strategise a digital marketing campaign suitable for your business by understanding your customers and their buying patterns. This is the key to convincing them why your products or services are better than your competitor's and why your brand is the better choice.

By targeting similar audiences to those who have proven to be interested in your products or services, the conversion rate of your campaigns would increase while your ad budget remains the same. This effectively increases your returns on your digital marketing campaign.

#4 - Increased ROI

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

What this means is that running your digital marketing campaigns with a professional agency will increase your ROI. Look, running a digital marketing campaign is not cheap. However, it is more expensive to reconnect with a dissatisfied client or a lost customer.

What we're saying is that although digital marketing campaigns can be expensive, this cost is justified because of the returns it brings to your business. The increased digital presence for one, the customers you retain, the new customers you tap on when you go digital, as well as the long-term brand image that you're building by connecting with your customers online are an intangible value that a proper digital marketing campaign will bring to your business.

As the digital marketing landscape slowly changes and evolves over the next few years, it is expected that it's going to be more competitive as more companies try to fight for the user's attention online. The 'New Normal' in digital marketing will create a customer-oriented space for users which means as a business owner, whoever that can connect best with your customers will get their attention.

Customers don't want to see irrelevant ads, but rather appreciates (and will buy from) businesses that understand their needs and wants (sometimes even better than themselves) by showing them products or services which they would most likely be interested in.

To do that, you would need a digital marketing expert that understands how your customers behave online, and what makes them purchase. Create and implement that marketing strategy and then you will start to see results coming in. A professional digital marketing agency will go one step further and increase your ROI by reducing the amount of ad budget required to get the same amount of results.

This is done through planning, implementing, tracking, and analysing your digital marketing strategy on a constant basis so that you can focus on growing your business while the agency maintains your digital presence.

Who should NOT work with a digital marketing agency?

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

Instead of working with an individual to manage your company's online presence, a full-scale digital marketing agency will have the expertise and resources to execute an effective digital marketing strategy that is customised to your objectives.

Having said that, some smaller companies or start-ups might not have the cash flow to invest in a proper digital marketing partnership and plan. However, rather than pushing back the idea of building your online presence, it's better to start now, than later. Working with a digital marketing freelancer is not all that bad if you can find the right person who understands your customers, and have the right skill sets.

It is important that your digital marketing partner understands these well so that they can strategise a campaign that is not only effective but also suitable for your business. As your business grows, remember to grow your digital presence accordingly and not neglect your long-term digital marketing strategy to dominate your market. Keep your digital marketing strategy relevant by upgrading your knowledge with some Digital Marketing Courses and by improving your skillset to create more effective campaigns.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can market your business online, you may read our other articles here, call us at +65 8892 1290 or drop us an email at

Why work with a Digital Marketing agency? by Absolute Digital

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