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Intro from the Founder,

Look, I know how hard it is to find a reliable SEO agency to work with that can consistently produce great results for your campaigns.

More often than not, they will show you past results or provide certain types of 'guarantees' that your page will rank on top on Google Search. 

They will promise you the world only for you to find out months later that what they're doing is ineffective when it comes to SEO ranking. 

Well, I've been there before. In fact, I've worked in one of the largest agencies before and I can tell you from experience that ranking with Google SEO is less complicated than what you'd think.


If you're a business owner and,

  1. You're not getting the results that you want

  2. You're tired of being overpromised and underdelivered by agencies

  3. You're not sure where to start with SEO

Then continue to read on.

Absolute Digital is Singapore's leading SEO agency with over 60 clients who've managed to rank on page 1 of Google using our proven SEO methodology and systems. 

These include:



We know that because Google's algorithms are constantly changing to provide a better user experience for you and me, ranking on page 1 of SEO takes a huge amount of commitment and consistency.

What may have been working well in the past, might not guarantee you the same results today.

My team and I have been in this industry for over 6 years, and have seen various marketing techniques used to lure business owners like yourself into "SEO Hacks" and "Easy & Fast SEO" strategies.

Absolute Digital is founded with the sole purpose of simplifying SEO for business owners, not shortchanging them. We take the technicalities out so that you don't have to be bothered about what your competitors are doing or if the next Google update is going to bring down your SEO ranking.

In fact, we breakdown exactly what we'll do to improve your SEO score in terms of priority in this proprietary SEO Audit Report

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We also know that working with an SEO agency is about communication and service quality.

That's why we have a strict 24-hour reply rule.    This means that your messages will be responded to within the next 1 working day. 

That way, you'll know that your account is well-taken care of by your dedicated account manager.

Now, we did not get to be the best SEO agency just by pure luck. We've worked hard for this title and we've got the awards to prove it.

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I know this seems like I'm just showing off to you how great Absolute Digital is, but the point I'm trying to make here is that we know what we're doing and have received recognition for our work. 

One more thing,

Our team comprises 9 outstanding and experienced individuals who are passionate about all things SEO. These individuals will help you connect your business to potential clients online with a strong SEO ranking to form a lasting impression of your brand.

As we are currently not planning on expanding, to maintain the quality of our work, we are only looking for 10 new businesses to work with for the rest of 2022. 

If you:

- Have a business and website
- Want results on SEO
- Have 6 to 7 months of runway
- Have at least $18,000 marketing budget

Then this is for you. 

Because we take huge commitment and effort over months to understand your business and we produce great results, some might say that we are not 'cheap'.

Well, it is definitely 'cheaper' than hiring 9 people to work on your project alone. But then again, as I said, this is not suitable for everyone. 

If you're a startup, would suggest you look for business through word-of-mouth marketing or even Meta / Google Ads first. SEO is only for established businesses looking to gain a positive reputation on Google Search. 

This is NOT a leads generation campaign. 

So, if you're a business owner that wants to rank on page 1 of Google Search using SEO, do drop us your contact below and we will arrange an onboarding session with you to see if your business is suitable. 

Once we have selected our 10 clients, we will not accept any new SEO campaigns for the rest of 2022. This is to ensure that we are fully committed to our existing clients.

If you're still reading this, thank you. It also means that there are still some slots left to work on your SEO campaign. To get started, simply fill in the form you see below:

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If you happen to be around our office area and want to say hi, we'd be more than happy.

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